Tips For Traveling to Developing Countries

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Some of the most fascinating and beautiful places in the world are the least modernized and developed. Traveling to a developing country can be a challenging task. This is true, even for the most seasoned backpacker.

When Travelling to Developing Countries

Check on Cultural Differences

The best place to start is to do research on the country that you are planning to go. Try to educate yourself on the cultural differences that you will have to face. Most developing countries have some degree of political or economic unrest. Being aware of this beforehand will allow you to plan accordingly.

Having a little background knowledge about the people and the culture is always helpful. There might be some conservative practices that you will have to strictly adhere to. Alternatively, you should also keep in mind the basic rule of thumb of being a guest as you travel in a foreign land – always be polite. For example, in Japan, before accepting a gift, there’s always an expectation that someone will refuse to pay for something. Certain countries have different ways of greetings and you should be aware of the appropriate customs.

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Top Places to Visit in Amsterdam

The capital of the Netherlands is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is every tourist’s dream vacation to roam around the ethereal, full-of-life and vibrant streets of Amsterdam. This city is a historical landmark of Netherlands, with its majority of buildings belonging originally to the 16th and 18th centuries. Some of the top must-visit places in Amsterdam include the following: 

The Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam was inaugurated in 1809. Ever since it was founded, it has been flooding with tourists from all parts of the world to see the artworks and paintings exhibited in its galleries. Ancient manuscripts and literature have been preserved efficiently in this museum. 

Anne Frank and Van Gogh Museum

The Anne Frank museum displays the life-story of Anne Frank during the Holocaust era in the form of her diaries. These diaries are the reminders of the tragic phase of the brutal Holocaust and the struggles of people back then.

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